What do I need to do?

If you use Microsoft Outlook to access your UNSW email, Outlook will reconfigure your emails to automatically connect once migration is complete.

You may be asked to restart Outlook a number of times or be prompted to login. 

If you have shared mailboxes, please review the following:

  • Check Mailbox delegates that are no longer required and remove them by the following: File > Account Settings > Delegate Access.
  • Avoid making wholesale changes (e.g. large volume of deletions, folder restructures etc.) to your mailbox prior to migration as this will make synchronisation of your account to the Cloud take longer.
  • If Shared mailboxes have been configured using 'Open Additional Mailboxes' in your Outlook Client, please re-configure using 'Add New Account'.

For 'Open Additional Mailbox' check the following:

  • File > Account Settings > Double Click on Email Profile
  • Select 'More Settings'
  • Click on 'Advanced' tab
  • Remove Additional Mailboxes

Adding Shared Mailboxes as a New Account:

File > Add New Account> Enter Shared Mailbox Details (your email address and password) > Next > Finish.

For further information visit our Access your Email using your Mobile Device and/or Mail Set Up on Email Client pages. Alternatively, contact IT Service Centre on (02) 9385 1333 or ITServiceCentre@unsw.edu.au